A Guide to Referring your Friends on BrowseU

Hopefully all of you are familiar with our achievement section by now. This section is comprised of various social media and referral achievements. Every time you complete one, you increase your maximum amount of funding you can receive from us. Completing all of the achievements will increase your account to $2000! A big part of this is referring your friends. Just those achievements alone make up for a $1200 increase. If you want to get to that $2000 mark you’ll have to be a little creative with your approach. Not only does referring your friends help us gain new users, but those new users will help everyone by generating advertising revenue for your student loans even faster!

You can find your Referral URL on your user page when you log in. This is located directly under the funding bar. It will look something like this:

Your Referral URL: http://browseu.com/user/register?referralid=1

However, your link will have a different numerical value at the end that is associated with your account.

The easiest way to start getting referrals is by sharing this link with your friends and family. You can do so by email, social media messaging, or even a text. This should help get the ball rolling and get a few sign ups under your belt. Just referring your first friend will give you an increase of $50! Pretty easy right? This is a great way to start, but if you want to unlock the larger achievements you should think about trying some of these other options:

Social Media Posts – A fast way to share your link is by making a post on Facebook or tweeting on Twitter. Explain what it is you’re promoting and add your personal referral link to your post.

Forums – Try posting a link or a post on a forum. Finding the right section of Reddit or another popular forum and providing interesting content can help attract a wider audience than friends and family. Adding your link to a quality post here can easily rack up some quick referrals.

Write your own Blog – Do you have your own Blog? Or do you know a blog that you can post to? Write a little post about BrowseU and leave your referral link at the bottom for your readers to click on.

There are endless possibilities on how you can promote your link. Post it in a school group, print and pass out some flyers, comment on articles related to student loans, or maybe try just shouting it out of your bedroom window. Different approaches will work better for different people.

If you’ve found a great way to refer your friends that was not mentioned above feel free to share it by emailing us at [email protected]. We’d love to hear the different ways you come up with, and would love to share that with our other users who could use the help.