Become Familiar with the User Agreement and Guidelines

Hello BrowseUsers,

We’ve noticed a few instances of people not following our User Agreement and Guidelines and would like to take the time to show you where this can be found so you can become familiar with them. Not following these guidelines can and will result in removal from our queue.

We’ve seen a few members create multiple accounts under the same name. You’re only allowed to have one account. Creating multiple is against the rules. That is especially the case if you’re doing this to increase your referrals. The same goes for fake accounts. Creating users with fake information in order to increase your referrals will result in removing not only those accounts, but your real account from the queue. Even if you’re putting some extra effort into your fake names and email addresses, we can still tell… so please don’t try.

This brings me to another point. It’s very important you’re using real information for your account. If you provide us with a fake email then you’ve just prevented us from our only way of ever getting in contact with you. That might be a problem when we’re trying to give you money for your student loans. The same goes for your name. If the name on your account is incorrect then it might be a little difficult to accept the funds. Please make sure this information is correct.

There are a few other guidelines that our users must follow. They can be seen here. All we ask is that you use our platform how it was intended. Trying to cheat the system in anyway will not be tolerated.

If you took the time to read this and now realize you might have made a mistake then please email us at [email protected]. We’ll gladly let you slide by coming forward and allowing us to adjust the queue accordingly. Otherwise we’ll fix these ourselves during our regular queue audits and won’t be able to reverse these actions. For those of you who read this and are proud you don’t fall into this list, we’re proud too. The best part is you should notice your position in line jump a few spots as we clear out duplicate and fake accounts.

Thanks for your time,