BrowseU Delivers Their First Check!


Last weekend might have been the most exciting point yet for us at BrowseU. We took a road trip and hand delivered a $500 check to our first funded user! We drove from Chicago, IL all the way to Lawrence, KS to meet up with Craig C. at Kansas University. Not only were we able to take in the surroundings exploring the University and city, but we also got to see our platform working first hand. It was a great feeling delivering this student loan payment, and an even better one knowing how much it was going to help and how grateful Craig was to receive it.

For all of our users reading this, you should feel great too.  BrowseU wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the dedicated users who have adopted us as their main search engine. This continued support has helped raise student loan money day after day. We’re excited about continuing our journey and getting the opportunity to help as many people as possible along the way.

If you’re wondering how you can contribute more, we’ve recently made it even easier to convert your default search engine to BrowseU within Google Chrome. Check out our brand new Chrome Extension here:

Simply install the extension and you’re done! Your URL bar will automatically be converted to the BrowseU search engine and you can start helping us raise money for student loans.