BrowseU Delivers Their First Check!

Last weekend might have been the most exciting point yet for us at BrowseU. We took a road trip and hand delivered a $500 check to our first funded user! We drove from Chicago, IL all the way to Lawrence, KS to meet up with Craig C. at Kansas University. Not only were we able to take in the surroundings exploring the University and city, but we also got to see our platform working first hand. It was a great feeling delivering this student loan payment, and an even better one knowing how much it was going to help and how grateful Craig was to receive it.

For all of our users reading this, you should feel great too.  BrowseU wouldn’t have had this opportunity without the dedicated users who have adopted us as their main search engine. This continued support has helped raise student loan money day after day. We’re excited about continuing our journey and getting the opportunity to help as many people as possible along the way.

If you’re wondering how you can contribute more, we’ve recently made it even easier to convert your default search engine to BrowseU within Google Chrome. Check out our brand new Chrome Extension here:

Simply install the extension and you’re done! Your URL bar will automatically be converted to the BrowseU search engine and you can start helping us raise money for student loans.




Introducing BrowseU Shopping!

As promised, we now have a brand new feature adding an additional option to help raise money towards student loans. The BrowseU shopping section is yet another feature that takes an element from your regular life routine, just like our search engine, and turns it into something that can make a difference.

We’ve made our shopping section as easy as possible to use. Simply navigate from our shopping page to any of the partner companies listed, using our “Shop Now” buttons, and shop. A percentage of everything you order will be donated right into our student loan funding bar. Just by making your normal online purchases you’re now simultaneously helping a good cause. The prices are exactly the same. The only difference is, when you begin from our shopping page a donation from your purchase is given back.

We already have some great partners to do your shopping with including Amazon, Groupon, Carhartt, and more! We’ll be continuously updating this page and adding more partners to cover all your online shopping needs. If you have any recommendations feel free to let us know at [email protected]

Click Here to Visit our Shopping Section!

BrowseU Reaches 2500 Users!

Once again we’ve hit another user mile stone even faster than I could have ever imagined. Just five days ago we posted a blog about our increase from 1000 to 1500 users in just under a month. We had found that pretty amazing at the time. However, less than a week later we add another 1000 new users shooting our total up to 2500! We’re very excited about this growth and the impact it’s going to have on BrowseU and our users. We definitely can’t take all the credit. We’ve seen some great promotion being done by many of our users on their own time. One user has even passed 200 referrals! We are very fortunate to have users that support what we stand for and make an effort to help us continue to grow.

Thank you,


BrowseU Reaches 1500 Users!

Less than 30 days ago we were celebrating our 1000th user. Who would have thought that just about one month later we would have grown another 50%? This puts our total user count at 1500 and climbing! We’re extremely happy with the traction we’ve been seeing this past week. Many of these new users have come from some amazing websites that have generously featured us including Springwise, PSFK, and Trendhunter. We look forward to sharing our platform with many more outlets down the road in order to keep growing our community and continue raising money for your student loans.



BrowseU Funds its First User!

What a great day for BrowseU and all of our users. Together we have created a system that, as of today, is proven to work. Together we’ve raised $500 towards Craig C.’s student loans. In honor of being our first user, the BrowseU team will be making a trip to Kansas to deliver the check in person. Keep an eye out for pictures of our trip. We can’t thank our users enough for the continued support of our platform and making BrowseU your tool for searching the web.



BrowseU Teams Up With Chegg

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Chegg, the one stop shop for all your college needs. While BrowseU is helping pay down the loans you’ve accumulated during college, Chegg offers multiple services that help you keep those loan costs down to begin with by saving you a ton of money on books. If you’re still in college this is definitely something you need to look into. Not only do they save you money on books, but they also offer other services that are useful to essentially every college student.


Chegg Textbook Rental

Renting your textbooks for the semester on Chegg can save some people up to 90% of the cost compared to other traditional means. Even if you’re in a rush, Chegg will give you access to an online version of your book while the physical one is being shipped. They also offer a 21 Day Satisfaction Guarantee which will allow you to return the book without hassle if you end up dropping or switching your class. Why pay full price just because your student loans will cover it? Be smart and use Chegg Textbook Rental to keep those costs down.

Check out Chegg Textbook Rental Here


Chegg Tutors

This is a great program that Chegg offers for anyone who needs help with their class. You can get live help via video, audio, or even by text 24/7 for any subject. It’s very easy to setup and even easier to get help. Users who sign up through BrowseU can get up to 2 hours of FREE tutor time. This can really come in handy during the semester.

Get your FREE two hours of Chegg Tutors Here


Chegg Buyback

Do you have books from old classes that you would like to sell back? Did your school not offer you any money for those books? Try Chegg Buyback. Chegg will buy your books at top dollar no matter where you originally made your purchase. You can get an instant quote online and can send Chegg your books in the mail absolutely free.

Check out how much your books are worth Here


Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a tool to help students with their homework. Chegg offers step by step answers for over 2,500 popular textbook’s questions in variety of subjects.

Find your answers Here

BrowseU Reaches 1000 Users!

Today marks a very important milestone for BrowseU, our 1000th user. It seems like just yesterday we had our eyes set on 100. It’s crazy to think we’ve expanded across the entire country and have now reached 1000 users not even two months after our launch. I know for a fact this achievement wouldn’t have been possible without the effort of our users. Thank you for continuing to share BrowseU with your friends, family, and the social media world giving us the chance to grow into a platform that can really make a difference. We’re so close to paying out our first user and look forward to making that a common occurrence as we continue to grow. I look forward to breaking more milestones and making BrowseU history with each and every one of you.


Become Familiar with the User Agreement and Guidelines

Hello BrowseUsers,

We’ve noticed a few instances of people not following our User Agreement and Guidelines and would like to take the time to show you where this can be found so you can become familiar with them. Not following these guidelines can and will result in removal from our queue.

We’ve seen a few members create multiple accounts under the same name. You’re only allowed to have one account. Creating multiple is against the rules. That is especially the case if you’re doing this to increase your referrals. The same goes for fake accounts. Creating users with fake information in order to increase your referrals will result in removing not only those accounts, but your real account from the queue. Even if you’re putting some extra effort into your fake names and email addresses, we can still tell… so please don’t try.

This brings me to another point. It’s very important you’re using real information for your account. If you provide us with a fake email then you’ve just prevented us from our only way of ever getting in contact with you. That might be a problem when we’re trying to give you money for your student loans. The same goes for your name. If the name on your account is incorrect then it might be a little difficult to accept the funds. Please make sure this information is correct.

There are a few other guidelines that our users must follow. They can be seen here. All we ask is that you use our platform how it was intended. Trying to cheat the system in anyway will not be tolerated.

If you took the time to read this and now realize you might have made a mistake then please email us at [email protected]. We’ll gladly let you slide by coming forward and allowing us to adjust the queue accordingly. Otherwise we’ll fix these ourselves during our regular queue audits and won’t be able to reverse these actions. For those of you who read this and are proud you don’t fall into this list, we’re proud too. The best part is you should notice your position in line jump a few spots as we clear out duplicate and fake accounts.

Thanks for your time,


BrowseU Reaches 500 Members!

Wondering if you missed our posts about 300 and 400 members? Don’t worry, you didn’t. We’ve just been unable to keep up with all of our signups these last couple days. We’ve seen a great response from the Reddit community and very grateful for their comments and participation in those posts. Welcome to BrowseU! We’ve also seen a great amount of you utilizing the Twitter achievement and driving in many new visitors. This effort has helped us grow to over 500 members in what seemed like just a blink of an eye. The increase in users has had a great impact on our traffic and search volume which is generating ad revenue at a faster rate. Let’s keep this effort going and continue to move the funding bar towards our current goal!

BrowseU Reaches 200 Members!

After just reaching 100 members 2 days ago, we’re very excited to announce we have already hit the 200 mark! We’re so grateful for the effort everyone has put in to help spread the word. BrowseU has already spread halfway around the country… literally. We now have users in 25 different states! Let’s keep this momentum going and continue to move the funding bar towards the goal.

Thank you,