Hello BrowseU Community!

We’re so excited to have finally launched our platform to the world. We know how much of a burden student loans have become on so many people and want to do everything we can to help. We believe this is a great opportunity and hope you quickly find that out too.

We opened our registration to the public on Monday and have seen a great response! There are already 30+ people in the queue and growing! We’re already seeing over 100 searches a day… That’s just unbelievable! We’re so excited to see everyone wanting to get involved.

Don’t forget to work on your achievements. By helping us spread the word we reward you by increasing your maximum payout. The bigger our user base the more searches and activity we’ll get… and that means we can give more money faster to our users in the queue!

Check back here often for updates. We’ll continue to share useful news and what’s going on with BrowseU.

Thank you so much!


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