BrowseU Teams Up With Chegg

We’re happy to announce our new partnership with Chegg, the one stop shop for all your college needs. While BrowseU is helping pay down the loans you’ve accumulated during college, Chegg offers multiple services that help you keep those loan costs down to begin with by saving you a ton of money on books. If you’re still in college this is definitely something you need to look into. Not only do they save you money on books, but they also offer other services that are useful to essentially every college student.


Chegg Textbook Rental

Renting your textbooks for the semester on Chegg can save some people up to 90% of the cost compared to other traditional means. Even if you’re in a rush, Chegg will give you access to an online version of your book while the physical one is being shipped. They also offer a 21 Day Satisfaction Guarantee which will allow you to return the book without hassle if you end up dropping or switching your class. Why pay full price just because your student loans will cover it? Be smart and use Chegg Textbook Rental to keep those costs down.

Check out Chegg Textbook Rental Here


Chegg Tutors

This is a great program that Chegg offers for anyone who needs help with their class. You can get live help via video, audio, or even by text 24/7 for any subject. It’s very easy to setup and even easier to get help. Users who sign up through BrowseU can get up to 2 hours of FREE tutor time. This can really come in handy during the semester.

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Chegg Buyback

Do you have books from old classes that you would like to sell back? Did your school not offer you any money for those books? Try Chegg Buyback. Chegg will buy your books at top dollar no matter where you originally made your purchase. You can get an instant quote online and can send Chegg your books in the mail absolutely free.

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Chegg Study

Chegg Study is a tool to help students with their homework. Chegg offers step by step answers for over 2,500 popular textbook’s questions in variety of subjects.

Find your answers Here